Fetal Life and Abortion:
Human Personhood at Conception
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Policy Statement


In establishing and maintaining this page, it is our intention to offer an opportunity for discussion on the crucial matter of the personhood of every offspring of human parentage from the moment of his or her conception. This involves the consequent right of that person to continue living his or her life without undue restriction by others. The aim of this discussion is to discover and maintain  truth, that is, to know things as they are. All of you are invited to participate.

We welcome your comments and questions, which we will consider with gratitude and respect. We promise a reply to as many as possible.  We reserve the right to receive your questions and comments privately.  If released for view, they will be presented verbatim and anonymously.  If they are chosen to be viewed publicly on our page, we will notify you with an e-mail containing a link to the article.

Contact us at reply@unbornperson.org

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Edward Robinson M.A., M.S.
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Tom Jenner

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